5 Best Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 2021

I’m Gonna Git You Sucker!

These days, the need to ensure the cleanliness of our homes, studios & workshops has never been greater.
A clean environment means less contaminations and exposure to germs. And less germs means higher chances of staying completely healthy.
As easy as it is to say that, actually cleaning is usually rather more difficult to execute.
You spend countless hours no doubt cursing when struggling to remove sand off the rug, car seats or parcel shelf. Or cleaning food spilled on our couches and ground into crevices in between cushions.  And what about those cramp-ridden, unreachables behind the kitchen cabinet? Not to  mention Busters pet hair sticking in places beyond the fathomable!
All these activities, however essential can get tedious without the proper equipment.

Functions of Vacuum Cleaners

Vacuum cleaners are to cleaning as Robert Downey Jr. is to Iron Man.
It is hard to find a home that doesn’t have a vacuum cleaner. In fact some people have up to 3 or 4 vacuums for different parts of their home.
It performs so many vital functions it is generally considered an investment if a household has enough of them to go round.
And if you don’t already know the benefits of having at least one, below are just a few examples that come with owning one of these revolutionary devices.

  • We know the obvious; vacuum cleaners are collectors of dust, dirt and other unwanted particles, including pet hair from various surfaces in the home.
  • They make cleaning a lot easier. Imagine having to constantly crouch beneath your cabinet for hours just to remove dirt and dust. Knee and back-breaking.
    Vacuum cleaners help to get such tasks done faster. You can easily clean a surface that would normally take 30 minutes by hand in less than 5 minutes with a vacuum cleaner.
  • It helps to clean the air. Yes indeed!
    Vacuum cleaners are useful for sucking dirt and other harmful particles out of the air we breathe.
    They have high filtration efficiency which makes it easier to filter allergens and dust in the air.
  • It can protect you from allergic reactions and germs. Some vacuum cleaner models are equipped with a unique feature called HEPA filter. This helps to suck pollen and other particles out of the air. This is essential for homeowners that are allergic to pollen and these other particles.

Would you still rather prefer to clean your house manually after reading all the benefits listed above? I very much doubt that.

Types of Vacuum Cleaners?

There are many different types of vacuum cleaners.
The choices available when it comes to shapes, sizes, styles, colors are quite a handful. This vast array of delectable suckers does not affect their natural performance to lap up anything unfortunate enough to lay in their path.
They all perform the basic functions effectively due to the performance of powerful and refined motors.
In all, the various types of vacuum cleaners you are likely to come across are listed below:

  • Upright Vacuum

This type of vacuum cleaner is generally used around the home and suitable for deep-cleaning rugs and carpets around the house. It is the most recognizable design. It is operated in a tilt-and-push motion. Earlier designs had cords that could be plugged into power outlets. More recent models come with a cordless option and use batteries instead.
The limitation with this vacuum cleaner is that it’s not so easy to get around the house. It can be bulky to use in buildings with multiple floors because of the weight. It can also be impossible to clean tight spaces with an upright vacuum, unless an attachment is used.

  • Stick Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner sports a lightweight and slim design. It is fitted with a rotating brush that sucks dust and dirt into a bag.
It has a less pronounced base when compared to the upright vacuum. This makes it easy to move around and get into tight spaces around furniture in the home. It is best used for light cleaning and touch-ups. The limitation with this vacuum type is that unlike upright vacuum, it is not exactly suitable for deeper cleaning tasks.

  • Canister Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner features a storage tank, a long hose and a host of attachments. It is suitable for almost any cleaning task around the home, with different attachments for different needs. From the bare-floor attachment to the brush-roll head, you are adequately equipped for any type of cleaning job. The only limitation with this vacuum model is the canister, which can slow down the cleaning process. Having to drag the canister along can quickly become a task on its own, especially if you need to clean a large space.

  • Robotic Vacuum

This vacuum type is just as the name implies; a robot.
This is an incredibly cool; a cordless cleaner that can move around and clean surfaces all on its own.
It just needs to map out your room and its off! This can be remote controlled so that it touches every part you want.
Best used for light cleaning and getting under furniture and spaces that other vacuum types can’t reach.
The limitations with this vacuum type include the inability to deep-clean surfaces when compared to other vacuums. Struggles in spaces with lots of obstacles around. That, coupled with how expensive it can get is what makes it unattractive for many homeowners.

  • Handheld Vacuum

This vacuum cleaner was designed with mobility in mind. It is extremely portable, lightweight and can be operated on the go. It has a small removable container to store the dirt and debris it collects while cleaning. The debris can then be disposed later with ease. There are many models, both corded and cordless. These vacuums are great for cleaning all types of surfaces, they can also get into tight spaces unlike the other vacuum types. From homes, cars, offices and other places; handheld vacuums can be operated anywhere. The only limitation is that it may not perform as great as canister vacuum when it comes to deep-cleaning surfaces. However, it gets the job done easily without the added stress of lifting and dragging canisters or other bulky attachments.

Portable is the answer!

Are you looking for a device to make your cleaning activities easier while being portable, light and powerful?
Think handheld vacuum cleaner.
Battery powered handheld vacuums will get you around the house without having to search for power outlets or carry heavy equipment.
Imagine having to clean out the garage, the kid’s bedroom, kitchen and living room.
With a properly charged handheld vacuum, you’ll get it done faster than with an upright or canister vacuum.

Having established that it is imperative to get the best equipment from the endless list of vacuum models available in stores and online.
That is why this article has compiled a list of 5 best battery powered handheld vacuum cleaners you should consider.

Best 5 Cordless Vacuum Cleaners 2020

Power Sources

Weight (lbs)



Black & Decker BDH2020FL

18V battery & 120V mains (radio charges battery)




Makita XLC02R1B

20V battery & 120V mains (radio charges battery)





4 x C-type batteries & 120V mains





7.2 to 18V LXT & 120V mains power





7.2 to 18V & 120V mains power




#1 Black & Decker BDH2020FL

Why this radio?

This vacuum might be the best handheld vacuum you’ll get on the market today.
It has a lot of amazing features which makes it heads and shoulders above other models.
It has a design that makes it appear like it has a cord, however, this does a lot to improve its portability. It has a flexible and extendable hose that measures 4 feet in length.
This makes it even easier to get into tight spaces anywhere it is used. The battery takes up to 5 hours to fully charge, and this is enough for only 20-25 minutes of use.


  • It is lightweight and portable. Weighing only 4 pounds, it is easy to move around and clean faster.
  • It reaches into tight spaces. The extendable hose greatly increases the lengths this vacuum can reach into and clean. This is great for cleaning the interior of a car and other tight spaces.
  • Great suction. The suction power on this machine makes it a great tool in your cleaning kit. It is especially great for cleaning food and liquid spillages.
  • Cleans pet hair easily. It comes with a tool specially design to clean pet hair on furniture and upholstery.


  • Battery is built in. That’s right, the battery cannot be removed or replaced. If the battery begins to act up, you’ll have no other choice than to send it back to the company for a replacement. If you are not so lucky, you’ll have to dispose of it.
  • Small dirt container. The container designed to hold the dirt has a capacity of only 0.2 liters. This means you’ll need to empty it a lot when cleaning.



Key features:


Who’ll use this vacuum? Workshop use preferably. 

The Bosch PB360 is more suitable for a long-term position but the weight might make it less practical for nomadic workers.
Weighs 24lbs.


I love the sound of my music, and finding something that produces reliably good frequencies across the spectrum whilst simultaneously cutting through the workshop din needs to be formidable in build and rugged throughout.
This one from Bosch is the nuts and I WILL RECOMMEND this to the boys when ours need replacing (sooner that they think!)

#2 Makita XLC02R1B 18V LXT Lithium-Ion Compact Cordless Vacuum Kit

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#5 Bissell Lightweight Cordless Hand Vacuum, 1985

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