The Headline
VT is a joiner, a guitar player and consciously incompetent on the drums.

The Detail
Maker of many things.
Cabinets, reception desks, studio workstations, alcove units, bunk beds, subwoofer speaker boxes and beyond infinity.
Constructor of sheds, work benches, bedside tables and music studios. 
When it comes to drilling, filling, sanding, sawing, trimming and routing – I’m guilty of the lot. 

The Person
Graduated in engineering many years ago. 
Worked for a dogs lifetime in IT support & networking before becoming a bonafide joiner via stints acting and being in a few bands.

In short, when the gauntlet is thrown I’ll pick it up in the hope of actually learning something.

The Site
I love creating and being a part of positive change.
And after making some great pieces of work with even greater people I feel it important to share these experiences.
If you get something out of this site I’ve done my job.