Best Drill Bits 2022

Just like car tires, drill bits are the only piece of the machine that actually comes into contact with the surface.
The machines that power them certainly need to be well crafted, balanced and totally in tune with these replaceable, external pieces so it’s vitally important we choose well and apply correctly.

So we’ve all been there.
You get to the hardware store intent on picking up that tool you’ve had your eye on then suddenly the music stops. Focus shattered. Anxiety starts to kick in. Indecision clouds your vision.
All those brands, those features, those discounts, those offers. The proverbial spanner has well and truly been pitched into the works leaving you undecided and among all the different brands available on the aisle.

This feeling is what we commonly know as FOMO (fear of missing out) and occurs when purchasing tools like hammers, axes, vacuums, etc.
If buying tools like these can easily get into one’s nerves, there’s one that definitely takes it to the next level: drill bits.

Drill bits are particularly unfriendly to the decision-making process thanks to the varieties available, not only among brands but also within each one. There’s a lot to take in – what material can it handle, will the finish be smooth, the variety in each package – I need bits for wood as well as concrete.

My decantered box of bits in 4:3

But never fear. We are here!
And will give you sound advice with our choices for the best drill bits for DIYers and pros.

Best Drill bits for DIY and Projects

These drill bits were selected for those homeowners who occasionally put their tools to work for time-to-time repairs and decorating. 
The bits listed below are suited for most household materials; woods, chipboard, MDF, drywall and also suit pros looking for multi-purpose packages.

So, without further delay…

# 1 DeWalt Titanium Drill Bit Set, 21-Piece

Durability, endurance and quality are adjectives often related to Dewalt’s products. This 21 piece set, there’s no exception.
This drill bit set is ideal to take on most of the jobs (both for DIYs and pros) thanks to its titanium coating, no wonder why it was listed first.

I use DeWalt drill bits regularly and can testify to their quality and strength, even applied in situations not fit for purpose…but that’s another story…


  • Suited for woodworking and metal (even some hard steels).
  • Made from Titanium coated HSS, which ensures its durability and its edges to be sharp.
  • The 21 pieces’ size array meets most (if not every) drilling job.
  • Cuts upon contact, ensuring clean entry and exit holes.
  • 30 day money back guarantee

#2 Drill America M35 DWD29J-CO-PC-Qualtech 29 piece

If drilling were boxing, then cobalt set would be a bare knuckle champion.
With this 29-piece set, Drill America enters the ring, packing a brass knuckle punch thanks to the gold oxide finish over its cobalt drill-bit set. This is the M35 size.
Accessible to DIY enthusiasts, not afraid of climbing into the ring. Very competitively priced too!
Are you ready to fight?


  • Suited for a most materials with strong emphasis on metals.
  • Made to last, with cobalt and a gold oxide finish – reduces friction, helps cooling the bit and provides wear-resistance.
  • Self-centering 135 degree split point which bores hard and leaves clean entry and exit holes.
  • Sizes vary from 1/16” to ½”, with 1/64” increments
  • These bits comply with the American National Standards Institute (ANSI).

#3 Black & Decker 15557 10 piece

So far, the drill bits sets we have brought for you are not only tough, not only durable, not only complete to handle every job, they are also quite pricey too.
So, what’s left for those homeowners who require a low budget solution to handle small reparations and hang up frames on the wall? Well, fortunately good ole’ Black & Decker has the answer with this multiuse 10 piece set.


  • Suited for basic home works including wood, concrete and metal.
  • Made out of HSS with a black oxide coating to provide extra endurance and lubrication.
  • Budget friendly.
  • It comes with a handy bit bar to help you organize things; however, it’s not the best case available for your bits.
  • The 10 drills include the most popular set of sizes, so it suits great for general home works.

Best Drill bits for Professional Use

The drill bit sets are mainly deployed on specialized jobs.
Some of them have limited/specific use (shelf-life) for certain materials, or certain tasks; nevertheless, all of them share one thing, they are among the bests in their categories.

#1 DeWalt DW5207 7-Piece Premium Percussion Masonry Drill Bit Set

Masonry works can prove very challenging for drill bits; the abrasiveness, the toughness and dust generated from boring needs tough arms as well as tough bits, and a lot of patience.
The DeWalt drill bits are amongst the best and this small, yet still powerful kit can bore into bricks, concrete and masonry like a hot knife through butter.


  • These bits are suited to work with masonry, concrete, rock, brick and artificial stones.
  • Built with a rock carbide tip, which maximizes carbide surface contact for longer bit life
  • It ensures a clean work environment thanks to its four-flute design.
  • The 7 pieces cover most of the commercial sizes.

#2 Irwin Tools Speedbor Max Wood Drilling bits

Drill bits are for woodworkers what brushes are for artists.
Having said that, only the best brushes help the best artists to create their masterpieces and, therefore, Irwin Speedbor Wood Drilling bits are here to help you to realize your labors. 
These are 4″ sized bits


  • Made out of HSS to suit wood applications.
  • These spade bits’ unique design improves their performance dramatically.
  • The bits are self feeding bits, with makes them easy to use and leaves clean entry and exit holes.
  • Tri-flute design to maintain the working space clean.

#3 CO-Z 5-piece HSS Cobalt Multiple Hole 50 Sizes Step Drill Bit Set With Aluminum Case

Don’t mistake this drill bit set for some delightful Christmas tree decorations.
These may look pretty but pack a punch and are mighty tough.
Compact, precise and durable, the CO-Z step drill bit set boast plenty of quality in only 5 cone-like bits.
They can create smooth circular holes of 50 different diameters, even on tough materials, thanks to the cobalt construction – a whole new step in step bits.


  • Suited to work with steel sheets, iron sheets, aluminum sheets, wood boards, plastic boards and many others (as long as the thickness doesn’t exceed the step length).
  • Made from cobalt with a titanium coating to ensure smooth results and to endure a lifetime.
  • 50 individual drill bits in only 5 step bits.
  • Faster and cleaner cuts thanks to its 2 fluted design
  • Comes with a handy and organized box.


Although FOMO might still haunt you around the corners of your hardware store, remember, choosing the right equipment is not always the most important part of the process.

What is most important relies on you ensuring the tools and any drill bits are initially, compatible, fit for purpose and working in harmony with you and the drill.

I cannot overstate this enough. Always make sure your bits can handle the task you might face, prevent your bits from overheating and always keep them sharp and stay SAFE!
Remember, it’s not the tools we have, but what we make out of them what really counts.