DeWalt vs Makita – Cordless Screwdrivers

A brief opinion on opinions

Citing ‘the best’ of anything can at best only be as reliable as the source of this opinion.
Star Trek captains, flavors of ice cream, airline logo’s, Metallica albums, toughest James Bond, etcetera, etcetera.
All generate an opinion. 
There is usually no right and wrong in any answer – our feelings can generate from emotion, sometimes attributes 
I’ve watched hundreds of commercials for all sorts of products, promoted by superstars devoid of a bonafide relation to the stuff they’re selling. 

Headphones donned by NBA players, coffee beans sniffed by tennis stars and even Jon Bodega highlighting the benefits of Cisco networking hardware.
These public figures who endorse such products, products that on the face of it are clearly without correlation to the jobs of those peddling often have the secondary layer of quality, perceivably shared by both celebrity and product they actively promote. I say often as flavour of the month will be the exception. 

Reliability, strength, durability, speed, power, etc can of course be common features of these athletes, actors, champions of the brands they endorse. However I’d bet a pay check if you met 90% of them they’d be totally useless at providing any useful information about the aforementioned qualities of these products.
They could give you an opinion, sure. Anyone is entitled to that but actual beneficial advice details, facts, features, constraints, running costs, environmental factors, etc would likely be dumbed down at best, worthless and a waste of time. 

Imagine an article stating 8/10 dentists endorsed the Kansas City Royals to win the World Series next year.
I’d presume you’d label this nonsense, utterly moronic and be on your way shaking your head.
Anyone sensible needing accounts of anything should never appeal to an authority not qualified to provide this. 
Anyone with a need to find the most reliable information would always look at the most reliable, trustworthy sources for this. This is almost always subjective but again the percentages play a huge part.
Confidence, Usually the best, most accurate opinion based on experience, exposure, education and vocational attributes.

There are plenty of useful resources providing headline information for products and services. I highlight headline as the detail can be beyond the scope of an article, not completely in keeping with a publication or simply not well researched.
It’s very easy to feed people what they want to hear. The motivations for how this information is packaged can stem from financial to educational    Cordless Screwdrivers have become one of the most basic and efficient tools when it comes to managing a tool kit. It’s not only efficient at drilling holes but is also an inexpensive tool that is versatile and immensely easy to use.

So, to inform you about the best cordless screwdrivers in town, we are presenting the comparison between DeWalt and Makita Cordless Screwdrivers. However, continue reading this review article, you will get to know about the best features both hold.

  1. DEWALT DCD777C2 20V Max Lithium-Ion Brushless Compact Drill Driver

The Dewalt drill driver functions with a brushless motor that provides extended motor life and also 30% increased runtime as compared to the brushed model. The design allows the user to be quicker and efficient in drilling. With a built-in LED, the drill offers great visibility to the user making drilling holes comparatively easy. Its compact design also allows it to fit into tight places of your house’s wooden cabinets and corners.

All in all, this cordless drill driver of Dewalt can turn out to be a great addition to the toolset of any professional or a DIY-er.

Breakdown of Features

  • Brushless motor – durable and high at runtime
  • Built-in LED light
  • Lightweight (26lbs) and compact
  • Comfortable grip handle for ideal control.
  • Li-ion Batteries
  • 20V Max
  • High-Performance 340W Motor
  • High-speed transmissions


“The DEWALT DCD777C2 is a good value for money. The best thing is it comes with two easily chargeable batteries and has more than enough torque to get any job done. It pushes a three-inch hole saw through pine board with Ease. No difficulty! Repetitively sinking 2 1/2 screws into pressure treated 4×4 posts and adjusts down nicely for wallboard work. I’m more than satisfied with the product.”

  1. Makita 18V Cordless Screwdrivers

The 18V Cordless Screwdriver by Makita is way more efficient than the previous cordless model of screwdrivers by Makita. It’s the smallest in size as compared to other impact drivers from Makita. The size of the model has not limited its features in-fact this model is loaded with most features. With a brushless motor and four-speed setting it allows the user to get the perfect arrangement of speed and torque. With such an arrangement user gets a fast application with tight control where the speed reduces after the job.

With a small size and high power, this driver can be an ideal tool for workshops, job sites as well as homes.

Breakdown of Features

  • Brushless motor – gives maximum power and efficiency
  • Four speeds – optimal power
  • XPT extreme technology – to resist dust as well as water
  • Ergonomically rubber size grip
  • Dual LED lights
  • Compact in size (4-5/8 inches)
  • Metal gear – offers control and protection
  • 3600 RPM speed


“The power of this super-innovation rivals that of corded models and many other comparable drivers in the market. Yes, I can say it’s a perfect compact model that can easily be fitted into tight spaces. No doubt, it’s not cheaper, but it’s packed with features, so justify the price.”

Key Comparison

  • Cordless

A screwdriver can be of two types considering its power system – corded and cordless. As Dewalt’s screwdriver is cordless while still being high in power and it would not be wrong to say that Dewalt has offered something best for all worlds.

Makita’s model of the screwdriver is also cordless and is a fast impact driver. With slightly less power output, the model cannot be considered far behind than Dewalt’s driver.

  • Battery Life

Dewalt’s battery life is greater than Makita’s as the former offer 20V Li-ion batteries while Makita’s driver uses batteries with 4amp/hour. This Makes Dewalt a better choice considering the battery life.

  • Weight And Ease Of Use

 Both of the cordless screwdrivers from Dewalt and Makita are compact, light in weight and easy to use. There is a slight difference in the weight of both of the screwdrivers, while Dewalt’s driver weighs around 2.5lbs the product by Makita weighs at 3.3 lbs with battery. Hence considering the weight and Ease of use DeWalt’s cordless screwdriver is a better choice.

Which one is the best?

While comparing both DeWalt and Makita’s cordless screwdrivers, it can safely be said that both the screwdrivers are good at power, durability, and control.

However, as per considering some specific features that these products offer the cordless screwdriver by DeWalt can be seen as a better choice. Since the cordless screwdriver from DeWalt is lighter in weight than Makita and also higher in power than Makita, making it an ideal choice for professionals as well as DIY-ers at home.


Off-course there exist also other brands that offer cordless screwdrivers and can be found around at workshops, job sites, garages, and homes. Some of these tools are excellent and present an amazing range of features. However, we take joy only in the services of tool manufacturers that produce value for our money.


One of the key competitors of DeWalt and Makita’s cordless screwdrivers is Milwaukee.

The key features include:

  • Available in Metal/Plastic
  • Imported
  • Powerstate Brushless motor
  • Redlithium Battery – technology advanced
  • Redlink Pink Intelligence
  • 18V


“Yeah, I finally found the best Power Drill after a long time. It’s strong and extremely sturdy. Lightweight and most of all it comes in a case that holds the drill gun with its battery attached. You can also find an extra handle for drilling. An amazing product, the company, offers a spare battery which is a plus.”


This cordless driver is light in weight and compact in design to allow easy handling. Other features include:

  • Performance to Size Ratio Power
  • High torque and Versatile
  • Two Speeds (0-350rpm and 0-1300 rpm)
  • Durable
  • Integrated LED lights
  • 2lbs in weight
  • 12V max


No doubt, both saws have their amazing features and functionalities. Both are good in terms of power, efficiency, durability, and comfort. By keeping in mind the pros and cons, it could be said that DeWalt saw is a better choice for the professionals. The reasons are obvious; it offers higher power, larger blade and above of all provides the great capability of running up to 5800 RPM. But the choice is yours; you need to choose a product according to your comfort and preferences.