Toolbox essentials when moving home

In this article I‘ll briefly give you my essential tools to keep close by on moving day.

Firstly, I implore you not to be a slacker and dismantle absolutely nothing prior to moving day. This is one of the worst things you can do especially if you have a load of things to move.
If you can, take apart the big bulky items in the days leading to you moving so you have everything sorted, labeled and ready to load.

Having the right tools for anything will decrease frustration and time wasting.
Even the best improvisers would prefer be cracking on with the move rather than faffing about with cutlery to prize things apart.

Prepare and most importantly, you can stick to the schedule.

Cordless drill & variety of Philips heads
Chargers/spare batteries
Screw Driver set with various flat/Philips heads
Allen Keys. Do yourself a favor. Get a pack of Allen keys.

Monkey wrench
Tape Measure – 5m minimum
Junior hacksaw
Utility Knife
Gaffer Tape
Scotch Tape
Insulation Tape
Dust pan and brush
Pencils & Note Pad
Marker Pens
Tool Box

This list may look like overkill but believe me, not having one of these items when your desperately hunting around for something to tie off need will leave you kicking yourself or something else you’d rather not.